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Saiyan Levels

Saiyan Levels

Among the Saiyan race thereare some who believe that one day a warrior will rise above the others in power and strength and be able to transform himself into the ultimate fighting machine, the unstoppable force that is the Super Saiyan. Only once before has a Saiyan acheived this level, and he could only reach it while in the Oozaru form. His power was unbelieveable, but it became too much for him control and it destroyed the planet he was on, wiping out everything, including himself. Eventually, the story of the Super Saiyan became only a legend and passed into the background as the Saiyans' lives marched on. However, a very special Saiyan named Kakarot is about to change history forever....

This section will outline some of the basic features of the different Saiyan and Super Saiyan levels and will include who went to each level first and when. To reach a new level of Super Saiyan, an intense burst of rage is usually required, although if someone has reached an SSJ level once, they are able to reach it again quite easily.

Super Saiyan 1

-Increased muscle mass
-Long blonde hair that is naturally spikey
-Eyes turn light green
-Often accompanied by a yellow aura

Who Acheived First: Goku

When: DBZ Episode 95 (This is debatable. Many people think that Goku actually went SSJ earlier, in Movie #2, but it is widely accepted that he officially turned Super Saiyan for the first time in Ep 95.)

Super Saiyan 2

-Even greater muscle mass
-Blonde hair becomes a little longer and spiker
-Eyes stay light green
-Sometimes accompanied by silver lightning

Who Acheived First: Gohan

When: In Movie #9, Goku told Gohan to go SSJ2 and he did, but in the main timeline he goes SSJ2 for the first time in DBZ Episode 184.

Super Saiyan 3

-Greatly increased muscle mass
-Blonde hair becomes very long, approximately down to the knees
-Eyebrows disappear, giving an almost evil appearance

Who Acheived First: Goku

When: DBZ Episode 245

Super Saiyan 4

Some people don't consider Super Saiyan 4 an actual Super Saiyan level, since when a Saiyan turns SSJ4 their hair remains black. It is not known exactly what this level is. Some have suggested that it is a more powerful and more humanoid Oozaru form, since a Saiyan takes on an almost animal appearance once transformed.

-Greatly increased muscle mass
-Hair remains black, but becomes longer
-Torso becomes covered in brown-red fur
-If a Saiyan has had their tail removed, it grows back after this transformation
-Super Saiyan 4 is different than any other Saiyan level and causes unique changes in a warrior. For example, Goku was turned back into a kid by the DragonBalls, but he regained his adult body when he transformed to SSJ4.

Who Acheived First: Goku

When: DBGT Episodes 34-35

Ultra Super Saiyan

-get very big
-great raise in power level
-very slow moving

Who Acheived First: Trunks

When: Im not sure about the episode but it was in DBZ when Cell had just come Perfect


Oozaru is not a Super Saiyan form. It is a different kind of transformation that a Saiyan can undergo. All Saiyans are born with a tail. If their tail is not removed and they look at a full moon, they will go into the Oozaru form. This form is also known as were-monkey.

-A Saiyan transforms into a huge, ape-like creature
-Eyes turn red
-Initially, a Saiyan will not be able to control themselves during this level. However, with the proper training, they can eventually.

Who Acheived First: Unknown

When: Unknown

Golden Oozaru

This is a form reached by Baby Vegeta and Goku in DragonBall GT. It is a much more powerful Oozaru form and probably the best form attainable by a Saiyan.

-Appearance is much like Oozaru, but with golden fur.

Who Acheived First: Baby Vegeta

When: DBGT Episode 35