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Today's DBZ Episode

DEC. 18

DEC. 15

Tree of might was on but i did not wacth if you want to know what happend go to the movie sumaries.

DEC. 14

SSJ2 Gohan and Cell started to fight. Gohan had the upper hand. Trunks gave everyone a senzu bean. After they were all better they wacthed the fight and the sayian prince Vegeta wacthed he was very mad that Goku and Gohan were stronger then him. The fight countined untill Cell charged up. He punched Gohan but it did not affect him. Gohan hit Cell twice and he was out of wind and it seemed like Gohan would kill Cell with ease.

DEC. 13

Today on DragonBall Z Gohan went SSJ 2 for sure. Gohan took the senzu beans away from Cell with ease. He powerd up with out loosing any speed. Cell then orderd all of the Cell Jrs to go after Gohan. Gohan killed them with ease. Gohan threw the senzu beans to Trunks and told him to give them to everyone.

DEC. 12

Today the Cell Jr.s atacked the Z warriors. OnlyTrunks and Vegeta could defend themselfs. The other Z warriors could not defend themselfs and Goku could not even touch the minature Cell. Hercule threw Android 16 head rigth by Cell and 16 told Gohan to release his energy. Cell then stepped on his head and it caused Gohan to go ssj2.

DEC. 11

The fight countined. Cell grabed Gohan and was killing him intill Android 16 came from behind and grabed Cell. The only reason Cell did not sense him was because Android 16 does not have a power level because he is an android. He said he was going to self-destruct in order to kill Cell. HE tried to but he found out that the bomb was removed by Dr. Briefs and Bulma. Cell then procded on killing the anroid. This still did not make Gohan mad so Cell releasead seven Cell Jr. from his tail and they were headed for the Z fighters. That is when the episode ended.

DEC. 8

There wasn't an episode.

DEC. 7

Gohan fought Cell once again and he said what Goku's secret was. The secret was that when Gohan gets mad his power level raises so he has the power to defeat Cell if he gets angry enough. Gohan asks Cell to stop the tournament Cell just asks to see the power Gohan is talking about.