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Episode Guide


In The Beginning:

Our story begins with Songoku, a small and naive young man, who at the age of 12 is living on his own in the wild. His grandfather Songohan, earth's second greatest fighter, was killed several years earlier when Goku unknowingly turned into an Oozaru and crushed his (adopted) grandfather. One morning, while Goku was returning home with his catch, a young girl crashed her car into Goku. She thought she had killed Goku when suddenly he arose and began attacking her and her car. She soon reasoned with the boy that she wasn't some kind of monster, and introduced herself as Bulma. Realizing that she was a girl, Goku invited Bulma home for lunch (Goku has never seen a girl before).

Upon reaching Goku's home Bulma noticed he had what she was after, a Dragon Ball. She quickly convinced Goku to follow her on her quest to find the mystical Dragon Balls, as he insisted on carrying his Dragon Ball. In addition to the Dragon Ball, which Goku possessed, Bulma figured he would make an excellent bodyguard. She notices Goku's tail, but figures it's just an ultra tacky accessory.

The Search for the Mystical Dragon Balls:

As they headed out on their journey we learn that Lord Pilaf, who is bent on world domination (what villain isn't), is also after the Dragon Balls. Goku has his first encounter with Lord Pilaf's henchmen Shuu and Mai during a hunt on the first night of his journey. He thinks their plane is a bird, and knocks it out of the sky. This begins Lord Pilaf's long standing hate of Goku, which caries on to DragonballGT!

The next morning, Goku comes across a lost sea turtle and decides to help it return to the ocean. Upon doing so, he is rewarded with Kinto Un ("candy cloud" or Flying Nimbus for you American DBZ fans). Bulma notices Muten Roshi is wearing a Dragon Ball around his neck. She offers him a peek at her panties for it, only she's not wearing any (Goku had removed them the previous night to see if Bulma had any "Family Jewels")!!! Continuing their journey, Goku and Bulma run across a small town, which is being ravaged by a shape-shifting monster, Oolong. Goku reveals Oolong has no real strength and they bring him along on their journey.

With Oolong at their side, they begin their trek towards "Mt. Frying Pan". On their way they met with Yamcha, the desert bandit. He tries to rob them of their Hoy Hoy Capsules, but is scared off by Bulma (he has a fear of girls). As they continue their trek, Yamcha follows and finds they are after the Dragon Balls. He figures he should help them out, and steal the Dragon Balls when they find all seven. Then he can ask Shen Long to rid him of his fear of girls.

After several failed capture attempts by Lord Pilaf's henchmen, Shuu and Mai, Goku and gang (followed by closely Yamcha) reach Mt. Frying Pan. They eventually meet up with the Bull Demon Lord, who was a good friend of Songohan and one of Muten Roshi's pupils. The Bull Demon Lord is kept from his home by the fires of Mt. Frying Pan.

Goku uses his "Kinto Un" to fetch Muten Roshi to put out a blaze, which keeps the Bull Demon Lord, form his castle and his Dragon Ball. Along his way, he fetches the Bull Demon Lord's daughter, Chi Chi (Goku's future wife). Upon returning with Goku, Roshi uses his Kamehameha technique to put out the blaze, but unfortunately he destroys the mountain and the Bull Demon Lord's house. On the flip side, Goku watches, and instantly masters, the Kamehameha, a technique that took Muten Roshi over 50 years to perfect. On the next leg of their journey they rescue a small village from the Bunny Gang, and send its leader and a few members to the moon.

Finally, Goku, Bulma, Oolong, and the recently acquired companion Yamcha trek towards Lord Pilaf's castle and final Dragon Ball. Along the way all their Dragon Balls are stolen except for Goku's. They chase the robbers to Lord Pilaf's castle. Up on entering they fall into a trap, and the final Dragon Ball is stolen from Goku. After an escape and another capture, Goku nearly has to watch as Lord Pilaf wishes for world domination, but Goku performs the Kamehameha to blast an escape hole in the wall. Oolong reaches Pilaf first, and wishes for girl's panties before Pilaf can make his wish. Shen Long leaves, the Dragon Balls scatter, and Pilaf is ULTRA pissed at Goku and gang.

Pilaf eventually captures the whole gang, and locks them in a steal-encased pit with an unbreakable glass top. He plans on letting them be fried by next morning's sun, but Goku looks at the moon and turns into his Ozouru form. Goku loses all control. He tears down Pilaf's castle, and nearly kills his own friends before they are able to cut off his tail. Yamcha, Puaru, Oolong, and Bulma return to the city. Bulma now has the boyfriend she has always wanted, and Yamcha has overcome his fear of girls.

Preperation for the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai:

Goku does not join them however, as he flys over to the Roshi's island to receive his training. Little does Goku know that Kuririn, a Buddhist monk from the Orinji temple, is also on his way for training. Goku, who arrives before Kuririn, is given his first task: to find a bouncy girl. Not knowing anything about the opposite sex, Goku retrieves the largest, most repulsive woman ever. Roshi instructs Goku to try again, and this time he succeeds. Roshi walks up to the good looking female, to find out that she is a mermaid. After asking to feel her up, Roshi gets smacked by the mermaid who promptly swims off. At this time Kuririn finally arrives in his boat, but he is not initially accepted as a pupil. However, after offering dozens of porno magazines to Roshi, he quickly is assigned to help Goku find a bouncy girl.

During this time, a wanted criminal named Lunch was causing havoc around the countryside. Lunch is the split personality of Raichi, who changes back and forth between the two when she sneezes. Goku and Kuririn happen upon Raichi in her docile form, and take her back to Roshi. He is very excited, and finally accepts both as students. Raichi is anxious to learn martial arts with the boys, but Roshi makes sure she takes it easy. She cooks for the group and takes care of the house. Although Raichi turns into Lunch every so often, she is not nearly as strong as her roomates and never causes much damage. Roshi decides that the island his house is currently on is too small for the training; he changed it to a capsule and they move to a much larger piece of land.

The first test involves running 100 yards and seeing how long it takes. Kuririn and Goku both run the length in amazing times, but Roshi whoops them both. Roshi conducts another test and throws a rock with the turtle symbol into the jungle below. He tells Kuririn and Goku that whoever finds the rock first will get to eat dinner, while the other will not. Kuririn attempts to make his own rock, but Roshi sees through the forgery and promptly tosses him out. Goku finds the real one, but Kuririn, using his trickery, manages to take it from Goku. It is brought back to Roshi, who declares Kuririn the winner. Raichi has prepared a huge fish dinner, who all but Goku devour. Unfortunately, the fish they ate was the poisonous puffer-fish. Raichi, Roshi, and Kuririn all fall ill, and take the next day off.

The real training begins the day after, which involves delivering milk, plowing a field, swimming, studying, and working at a construction site. The only thing that keeps them going is the thought of entering the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai, a martial arts tournament where all the greatest fighters meet and battle. After the first day Goku and Kuririn are completely worn out, and Roshi informs them that they will be doing the same thing every day until the the tournament, although from the next on they would be wearing 20 Kilogram shells on their backs. Both of them are shocked, but they are still determined to fight in the tournament. The training continues for the next few months, and one month before the tournament both Kuririn and Goku are able to move a massive boulder. Roshi, impressed by their strength, tells them that for the last month of training both pupils would be wearing 40 Kilogram shells. In the meantime, Yamcha has been preparing for the tournament by living out in the wild. He finally returns to the city to participate in the Budoukai.

The 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai:

After rigorous months of training, the day of the tournament finally arrives. Goku, Kuririn, and Roshi all fly over to the tournament, and both boys sign up. Yamcha signs up as well, while Oolong, Bulma, and Pooaru plan to cheer from the stands. The preliminary rounds take place indoors on three fighting rings. The way Goku, Kuririn, and Yamcha are seeded, they don't battle with each other. Due to their hard work, they have each become much stronger than before. All three win their respective spots in the final eight man bracket.

The first battle of the real tournament takes place between Kuririn and Bacterium. Bacterium, who has never bathed in his life, uses his horrid stench to distract his opponants and make them cover their noses. Kuririn begins to lose the match as Bacterium uses his breath and sweat against him. The tides turn however when Goku reminds Kuririn he does not have a nose, and is just imagining the smell. Realizing what was happening, Kuririn easily dispatches the odorous Bacterium.

The next match takes places between Yamcha and Jackie Chun. Yamcha uses his "Wild-Wolf" technique and all his tricks, but Jackie Chun easily defeats him. Yamcha begins to believe that Jackie Chun is the Great Wise One (Roshi), as they look very similar, have similar attacks, and similar habits.

The third match of the first bracket is between Namu and Ranfan. Namu is in the tournament because he needs to win money to buy water for his village, and so is very determined. Ranfan uses her looks to attempt to distract Namu, and manages to get in a few heavy blows. However, Namu closes his eyes so that he would not be distracted, and beats her easily.

The final first bracket duel is between Goku and Giran. Giran, a giant dinosaur-like creature, uses his spit to bind Goku. He grabs Goku and tosses him out the ring. Goku calls upon the Kinto Un to bring him back, but Giran accuses him of cheating. The judges talk it over, and decide that Goku would not be disqualified, but rather not be allowed to use the cloud again. Goku manages to break free of the bind, and eventually knocks him out. Thus ends the first bracket, leaving only Kuririn, Jackie Chun, Namu, and Songoku.

The first match of the semifinals takes place between Kuririn and Jackie Chun. Kuririn puts up a good battle, but Jackie Chun proves too strong. He is knocked cold and the victory goes to Jackie Chun. The other semifinal match sees Namu and Goku pitted against each other. Using his diving-X attack, Namu manages to get the upper hand on Goku for a bit, but Goku proves too strong and wins fairly easily.

After the match Jackie Chun reads Namu's mind, and sees the drought problems in Namu's village. He gives Namu a large capsule to store water in, and reveals that he is the Great Wise One. Roshi explains that in order to make Goku and Kuririn strive to train, they must know there are other stronger people in the world. He tells Namu to dress like him and enter the crowd as a favor to him. Jackie Chun orders Yamcha to look at the audience to prove he is not Roshi.

The final battle begins between Jackie Chun and Goku. Chun uses many varied techniques, but Goku seems to mimic and improve on them. Even when Jackie uses the Kame Hame Ha, Goku counters it with one of equal strength. Both competitors manage to get knocked out of the ring a few times, but each has their method of returning. Jackie, seeing that the battle was close, uses a technique where his body energy is coverted to electricity. Goku is paralyzed in pain as Jackie runs thousands of volts through him. Goku is about to give up, but then he glances at the full moon. He breaks free of the bind, and starts running amok. Using an immense Kame Hame Ha, Jackie blows up the moon, thus transforming Goku back into a boy.

Now both out of energy, they agree to fight the rest of the match using only hand-to-hand combat. They fight for four hours like this, until Jackie realizes Goku's weakness. Both fighters leap into the air and exchange kicks to the face. Since Jackie Chun's legs were much longer, Goku took a much harder hit. Both fighters are down till the count of ten, and it is announced that whoever can stand up first, smile, and say "I guess I'm the winner" will win the match. Goku trys his hardest, but passes out before he can claim to be the winner. Jackie Chun slowly gets up, gleefully taking the victory.

The Red Ribbon Army:

After Roshi removes his disguise, he tells Goku and Kuririn that if they expect to be the best in the world, they have to continue their training. After eating a huge meal, Goku reveals his plans to find the four-star dragonball, his grandpa's momento. Kuririn decides to keep training with Roshi, while Yamcha and the others return to the city. Before leaving, Bulma gives Goku her dragonball radar, and instructs him on using it. They all exchange goodbyes, and Goku goes on his way.

Goku begins his search for the Dragonball, when he comes upon Namu being attacked by a Teradactyl. Rescuing him, Goku learns that the capsule full of water was running out fast, and that the river that normally supplied the village was being blocked somehow. They fly upstream to find Giran (One of Goku's opponents in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai) and his kind bathing in a pool they had made by damming the river. Namu pleads for them to break the damn, but they do not listen until Giran recognizes Goku. Giran gives him permission to break the dam if he can, as he says it is indestructible. Using a Kame Hame Ha, the dam is destroyed and water flows into the village again.



Dragonball Z - Saiya-jin Saga

Seven years have passed since the end of the Dragonball series, and Goku has settled down after he and Chichi have their first child, Gohan. All is peaceful until Goku's evil brother, Raditsu, lands on the Earth. He tells Goku that he belongs to an alien race known as the Saiya-jin, and that he was supposed to exterminate all life on the planet so that it could be sold to the highest bidder. However, since Goku hit his head as a kid, he forgot his orders and became a peace-loving child. Raditsu offered Goku to join him in conquering the universe, but of course he was turned down. Angered that he would not do his bidding, Raditsu kidnaps Gohan.

Obviously overpowered, Goku teams up with his arch-rival Piccolo to get his son back. Both attacking at the same time, Goku and Piccolo are still no match for the battle-hardened Raditsu. Piccolo tells Goku of a new attack he has been working on, one that should be able to defeat Raditsu. However, it takes a long time to charge up, so Goku has to face Raditsu alone for five minutes. Goku puts up a good fight, but gets socked around quite a bit. Piccolo fires his Makankosappo while Raditsu is busy with Goku, but he misses. Gohan, enraged by the pain being done to his father, attacks Raditsu and greatly weakens him. Goku manages to get Raditsu in a hold, and tells Piccolo to charge his attack again. Piccolo fires the Makankosappo a second time, hitting both Raditsu and Goku. They both die in a matter of minutes.

Before dying, Raditsu is told about the Dragon balls and their power to grant any wish. He signals the other two Saiya-jins, Nappa and Vegita, to come to Earth so that they may take the dragonballs for themselves. The journey to Earth takes one year, giving the Earthlings little time to prepare. Meanwhile in heaven, Goku begins his voyage to the Kaio of the North in hopes of growing more powerful for the coming evil. Kaio-sama's planetoid exists at the end of a ten-thousand mile long snake path.

Months have passed on the Snake Way, and Goku has yet to find Kaio-sama's home. Offered a ride by a passing demon, Goku falls fast asleep. Unfortunately, a bump in the path sends Goku flying off the machine and into Hell. When Goku wakes up, he is confused to find two demons looking over him. They tell him that he has fallen off Snake Way, and that the only way out was to beat them in a contest. Goku easily wins both times, and is shown the exit to Hell. He is surprised to find that the exit is merely Enma-sama's droor, and that he has to start his journey all over again.

Meanwhile, Piccolo begins to teach Gohan how to survive on his own in the wilderness while still training on his own. He gives Goku's son little help in his battle against dinosaurs and the elements. Yet Gohan is not to be under-estimated, and he does quite well on his own. When Piccolo feels he is ready, he begins a rigorous training routine that leaves Gohan beaten to a pulp. Slowly but surely, Gohan's power is tapped into.

Kuririn, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yajirobe head off to Kami-sama's tower to train for the arrival of the Saiya-jins. Their various methods prove to be effective, and they manage to each raise their power levels over a thousand.

When Goku finally reaches Kaio-sama, he undertakes a series of training exercises that seem trivial and pointless to Goku (Not only that, but he has to withstand Kaio's lame humor). His first task is to catch Kaio's pet monkey Bubbles, who is used to the high gravity of the planet. Goku finds that it's quite a chore to chase after something in 10x gravity, but eventually he grows used to the heavy force. Through the use of some clever tricks, Goku captures the monkey. Son's second task involves hitting Gregory, a flying cricket creature, with a heavy mallet. Nearly destroying the planetoid in the process, Goku manages to complete the second part of his training with ease. It's at this time that Kaio finally teaches our hero some techniques: The Genki-dama and Kaio-ken power-up. With only a few days before the Saiya-jins are supposed to arrive, Goku has to make the trip along Snake Way in the opposite direction. Luckily, his training had improved his speed and power exponentially.

A year has passed, and the Saiya-jins land in a heavily populated city. After destroying it, they head to battle Piccolo and the others. Assessing their opponents, Vegita notices that one of the warriors, Piccolo, is an alien known as a Namek. The Saiya-jins unleash six Saibamen, each roughly as powerful as Raditsu was. Vegita suggests that the Earthlings fight the Saibamen one on one, and they agree. Tenshinhan is the first to go, and makes short work of the first Saibaman. Yamcha goes next, and appears to be winning until his opponent grabs hold of him and self-destructs (Killing both). Growing bored with the situation, Vegita has all the Saibamen attack at once. The small green aliens prove to be no match for the seasoned Z warriors. With their minions gone, Nappa joins into the fray. Our heros are unable to land many hits, and take a lot of damage. Both Tenshinhan and Chaozu sacrifice their lives trying to defeat the muscular Saiya-jin, but neither succeed.

Kuririn tells Vegita to wait for Goku to arrive, as then they would have a fighting chance. They wait for three hours, but no Goku. The battle resumes, when finally Son gets back to Earth. Seeing that Goku might be a problem, Vegita orders Nappa to kill the others before Goku arrives. The large brute decides to go after Gohan first, and charges a powerful attack. However, Piccolo had grown to love Gohan over the year he had spent training him, and the Namek put himself in the way of Nappa's attack. Kuririn and Gohan are the only survivors when Goku finally joins the battle. Angered by the death of his friends, Goku maintains his cool and stay calm battling Nappa. Vegita's bodyguard is unable to land any blows, and the Saiya-jin prince takes Nappa out himself.

Goku and Vegita square off, beginning their long duel. While Goku manages to hurt Vegita badly, his repeated use of the Kaio-ken technique puts a great strain on his body. Seeing that he was overpowered, Vegita transforms himself into an Oozaru. Goku is chased around by the giant ape, and with the use of a Taiyoken for distraction, he is able to gather a Genki-dama. Unfortunately, Vegita recovers before the attack can be launched, and most of the energy is lost. He grabs onto Goku and breaks every bone in his body, but neglects to notice Yajirobe sneaking up behind him. With one swipe, Vegita's tail is severed by Yajirobe's sword.

Back in his original form, Vegita begins to do battle with Gohan. Meanwhile, Goku summons Kuririn and gives him the remnants of the Genki-dama he had gathered. Just when it looks as if Gohan will be defeated, Kuririn launches the ball at Vegita. He evades it, but Gohan bounces the attack and hits Vegita from the rear.

Thinking Vegita is dead, our heros begin to celebrate. However, they notice Vegita's body slowly falling to the ground. He is still alive. Vegita and Gohan resume their battle, and it looks like the Saiya-jin prince will claim victory. However, Yajirobe intervenes again, and slashes Vegita in the back with his sword. When he gets over the shock of being slashed from behind, Vegita kicks the crap out of our fat samurai friend. This gives Gohan ample time to stare up at the false moon Vegita had created and transform into an Oozaru.

With little energy to defend himself, Vegita is smacked around by Gohan. Having exhausted himself, Vegita uses a Kienzan to remove Gohan's tail. What he doesn't account for is having enough strength to get out of the way of the monkey's massive body. He is painfully crushed by the ape, who returns to being normal Gohan after a few moments. Vegita summons his space pod, and tries to crawl to it. Kuririn refuses to let him escape, and puts Yajirobe's sword up to Vegita's throat. Goku begs him to spare the Saiya-jin's life, and reluctantly Kuririn complies. Vowing to return, Vegita flies away...

Dragonball Z - Furiza Saga

With Piccolo, Chau-Zu, Tien, and Yamcha dead, Bulma, Gohan and Kuririn begin a journey to Namek to find the Dragonballs and wish their friends back. (Goku is too injured at this time to go himself) They fly their way towards Namek, meeting shape shifting creatures, mirror ships, and other hazards. Vegita during this time returns to Furiza's base and rejuvinates himself back to full health, and zips his way towards Namek to wish for immortality. Kuririn and Gohan finally reach the planet, only to find that Furiza has already collected five of the seven balls. At this time Goku has recovered, and he uses a special ship that is capable of raising gravity up to 100x Earth's. His power increases exponentially under the intense force. Seeing that he is obviously overpowered by Furiza and his men, Kuririn goes to the Senior Elder Namek, Guru, for assistance. Guru awakens Kuririn's hidden power, and gives him the Dragonball that he had created. He warns Kuririn that once he dies the Dragonballs will disappear, and that his time was near.

In the mean time Vegita has collected a ball himself, and he hides it so that it is out of harm's way. He then battles Zaabon, who almost destroys him. Furiza has Vegita rejuvinated so that he could reveal the location of the other two Dragonballs. He manages to escape and steal the five balls that Furiza has collected. Greatly angered, Furiza sends Zaabon to find Vegita and bring back the orange spheres. Both Vegita and Zaabon spot Kuririn returning with Guru's ball, and take up chase. Zaabon and Vegita battle once again, this time Vegita coming out as the victor. Kuririn gives up the ball without a fight, as he knows he does not stand a chance against the more powerful Saiya-jin. Thinking he has all seven balls, Vegita goes to fetch the one he hid. However, Gohan manages to find the last one, and returns to Kuririn and Bulma with the ball in his hands.

Furiza, now extremely angry that he does not have the balls in his possesion, orders that the Ginyu Force be summoned. Kuririn and Gohan zoom towards Guru, leaving the ball in the care of Bulma, so that Gohan's powers could be awakened. Vegita, finding out that Gohan has the last ball, takes off in pursuit of him. Kuririn, Gohan, and Vegita all reach Guru's house at about the same time, although Gohan has a good enough lead so that he could get the power-up from Guru. Sensing that the Ginyu force had landed, Vegita manages to make a pact with the Gohan and Kuririn. All three race to Bulma's hiding place to retrieve the last dragonball, afterwards they rush to where the other five were hidden. Unfortunately, the Ginyu force beats them to the spot, and they use their superior powers to get the other two balls from Kuririn, Gohan, and Vegita. Commander Ginyu returns the dragonballs to Furiza.

The rest of the Ginyu force use a sophisticated game to find out who will fight first. (Rock, paper, scissors :P) It is determined that Gerudo will be the first to go, and he faces off against Kuririn and Gohan. By freezing time and using other various tricks, Gerudo gets the upper hand on the fight. At the last moment, however, Vegita sends a blast of energy and decapitates Gerudo. During this time, the Dragonballs reach Furiza. He is unable to summon the dragon, and races to Guru's house to find out what the magic words are. Ginyu guards the Dragonballs, which are buried next to Furiza's ship. Rikum is the next to do battle, and beats Vegita to a bloody pulp. Kuririn is taken out with a kick in the head, leaving only Gohan to fight. Gohan manages to do some damage to Rikum, but he gets roughed up as well.

Just as things are looking their worst, Goku finally arrives in his ship. He gives Sensu beans to Kuririn, Gohan, and Vegita, and knocks out Rikum in one punch. Jese and Burter begin to attack Goku, but they prove no match for him. Burter is knocked out as well, and Jese flys to Commander Ginyu to get help. Ginyu arrives on the scene, but he is also overpowered by Goku. In the meantime, Vegita abandons the fight to find the Dragonballs. Kuririn and Gohan also depart for the same destination, hoping they will beat Vegita to them. Seeing that he will be defeated, Ginyu switches bodies with Goku. Ginyu uses his new body to return to Furiza's ship. Now in the damaged, less powerful body of Ginyu, Goku chases the rest as fast as he can. Vegita reaches the ship first, but is unable to locate the Dragonballs. Figuring that Gohan and Kuririn would use the Dragonball scouter to locate them, he hides and waits. At this time Guru senses Furiza's approach, and sends Dende to tell Kuririn and Gohan the words needed to summon the Dragon. Furiza arrives at Guru's house, but as expected they refuse to tell him the magic words. Neil, Guru's bodyguard, faces off against Furiza. Even though he is currently the most powerful of the Nameks, Furiza easily defeats him with one hand. Neil tells Furiza that Dende knows the words, and that he was just stalling for time. Furiza races back to his ship, neglecting to kill off Neil.

Kuririn and Gohan use the scouter to find where the Dragonballs are buried, but they are also unable to summon the Dragon. Ginyu gets to the ship, still in Goku's body, followed by the real Goku. Goku tells Kuririn and Gohan what happened, and they attack Ginyu. Still not used to his new body, Ginyu has a tough time with the earthlings. Vegita joins in and badly messes up Ginyu. (and Goku's body) Once again outmatched, Ginyu tries his change trick again, this time on Vegita. However, Goku flies into the beam and is restored to his old body. Ginyu tries again to get Vegita's body, but Goku throws a frog into the beam. Ginyu becomes trapped in the body of a frog :)

Vegita offers to help Goku, who's body is now badly damaged. Goku is placed in a Rejuvination pod, which can restore him to full health in 45 minutes. Tired from his countless battles on Namek, Vegita takes a short nap. During Vegita's sleep Kuririn and Gohan meet up with Dende. Dende summons the dragon, and their first wish is to bring Piccolo back to life. Their second wish is to warp Piccolo to Namek so that he could assist in the battle. At this time Vegita wakes up, and he realizes that they had summoned the dragon without him. He rushes over and demands they grant him immortality, but just before the words could be uttered, the Senior Elder dies. The dragonballs lose their power, and Vegita's wish is not granted. Just when Vegita thinks things can not possibly get worse, Furiza arrives at the scene.

Although Piccolo has now warped to the surface of Namek, he is no where near the battlefield. Sensing that Gohan was in danger, Piccolo races to him. However, he doesn't go too far before he discovers the battered Neil. Neil offers to merge with Piccolo so that his power would increase several times over, but Piccolo is reluctant. Seeing that there was no other way to beat Furiza, Piccolo absorbs the weak Ki of Neil. Meanwhile, Vegita and Furiza begin to battle, proving to be equals at this point. Knowing that he would need more power to win, Furiza transforms into a large, demon like beast. His speed and power increase dramatically, and his new form is much larger then before. Now fearing for his life, Vegita backs off from Furiza. Using his horns, Furiza rushes Kuririn and stabs him in the gut, rendering the bald hero unconscious and nearly dead.

Since Vegita fears Furiza, only Gohan is left to do battle. Enraged by what looked like to be Kuririn's death, Gohan manages to connect a few attacks on Furiza. Now angered, Furiza throws Gohan around, and knocks him out as well. However, unknown to Furiza, Dende has the power to heal, and restores Kuririn to full power. Using a Kienzan, Kuririn manages to catch Furiza off-guard and cut off his tail. To give Dende time to heal Gohan, Kuririn leads Furiza on a goose chase.

Now about to move in for the kill, Furiza is confronted by the now fully healed Gohan. But just as they were to begin the battle, Piccolo arrives! He boldly states that he will take on Furiza by himself. Now a "Super Namek," Piccolo proves to Furiza that he is not only his equal but is fact a superior fighter. With his back to the wall, Furiza decides that his 2nd form would not be enough to defeat Piccolo. He announces that he can transform two more times, and proceeds to his 3rd form (He looks very similar to the Queen from the movie Aliens).

Piccolo resumes the battle after the transformation, but finds 3rd form Furiza to be much faster and much more powerful. Seeing Piccolo being blasted repeatedly pushes Gohan over the edge, and he manages to land a few key blows. Once again Furiza feels he is being outmatched. He says that they were going to be very lucky to see his final form, as he never had to use it before. During the lengthy transformation process, Vegita coerces Kuririn into blasting a hole through his torso. Vegita believes that the boost in strength a Saiya-jin gets after being healed near death will be enough to change him into a Super Saiya-jin. Unwilling to rejuvinate one who had killed so many of his people, Dende flies over to the badly injured Piccolo and revives him. Flying over to the young Namek, Kuririn and Gohan convince Dende that the only way to win the battle would be to heal Vegita.

Now fully recovered, Vegita gives Dende a swift hit for not healing him sooner. Furiza finally changes into his 4th form, and his first order of business is killing Dende. With no one left to heal, Furiza knows that the odds are in his favor. Vegita goes head to head with the now small and round looking creature, but finds that even with his new power that he is simply a toy. Furiza counters all of his attacks with ease, and proceeds to beat him to a pulp while Piccolo and the other helplessly watch. Just as Furiza is about to adminster the final blow, Goku arrives fully recharged from the rejuvination pod. Vegita mocks Furiza, and is shot through the heart by the angered villain. Before he dies, he tells Goku that Furiza must be destroyed by a Saiya-jin, as Vegita's pride took a big blow in his defeat. Touched by Vegita's courage and honor, Goku gives him a decent burial at the battlefield.

Furiza and Goku begin the long battle, with neither side getting the immediate upper hand. Using an energy trap, Furiza manages to paralyze Goku within a ball of energy. Goku survives the onslaught he receives in paralysis, and there is a slight pause in the action. Furiza announces that he can defeat Goku without using his hands, and does manage to keep Goku busy even with the handicap. However, Furiza underestimated his power, and is forced to use his arms to defend himself.

Meanwhile, Captain Ginyu, trapped in the body of a frog, has gotten Bulma to place a device on him that would allow him to speak. Yelling "CHANGE," Ginyu takes Bulma's body and turns the confused girl into a frog. Wanting to see how his master was doing, Ginyu races in a speeder to the battlegrounds (With Bulma hanging on for dear life). Seeing that Goku was equal to him at this level, Furiza powers up to 50% and begins to wallop the Saiya-jin. Ginyu, in Bulma's body, attempts his change technique on Piccolo, but Bulma leaps in front of the blast. Now back in his frog form, Ginyu tries his best to avoid getting killed by Furiza and Goku's stray blasts.

Goku, getting messed up pretty badly, powers up using the Kaio Ken technique with a factor of 20. But even with this extra surge Goku is no match for Furiza at half power. With no other options left, he begins the lengthy process of gathering a Genki-Dama. Needing a few minutes to charge it up, Piccolo launches a suicide attack on Furiza to distract him. Even with the occaisional help from Gohan and Kuririn, Piccolo gets sorely beaten by the much stronger opponent. With Piccolo down, Furiza turns his glance to Goku. Since the Genki-Dama was gathering very high up in the sky, Furiza had no idea what the heck our hero was doing holding his arms straight up.

As these events take place on Namek, Tien, Chaozu, and Yamcha are now confronted by the Ginyu force (except the captain of course) on Kai's planet. Challenging them to a battle, the two groups fight it out. Realizing that the Ginyu were no match for them, they use their various techniques to send each down to hell.

Even after a few attacks by Furiza (who thinks Goku is mocking him), Goku maintains his pose. As the giant ball of energy is completed, Furiza gets fed up with Goku's attitude. He begins to gather energy to destroy Namek, but then notices the tremendous Genki-Dama directly above his head. Goku sends the ball of death onto Furiza, causing a huge explosion that scars the planet. After the dust settles, Piccolo, Gohan, Kuririn, and Goku all gather on a small island. Thinking they have finally beaten Furiza, they half-heartedly celebrate. However, looking up at a tall pillar of rock, Kuririn sees that Furiza is still very much alive. Firing a blast at Goku, Piccolo jumps in front of it and takes a hole in the chest. Not stopping there, Furiza uses his powers to lift Kuririn into the air and blow him to pieces. Completely enraged by his best friend's death, Goku's hair begins to turn blond and his eyes begin to turn green. Goku has finally become a Super Saiya-jin.

Informing Gohan that Piccolo is not dead, he orders him to return to the ship with the unconscious Namek. Not wanting to let anyone get away, Furiza moves to strike Gohan, but is halted when Goku grabs onto his hand and crushes it. Trying a variety of attacks, Furiza is unable to damage Goku in any way. As nothing else seems to work, Furiza gathers another Planet destroying energy ball, which Goku is unable to deflect. The ball creates a huge hole in the planet that goes all the way to its core. Furiza says the planet will be completely destroyed in 5 minutes, and that only he can live in outer space.

With Piccolo resurrected, Kami has also risen from the dead. Quickly gathering the Dragonballs, Goku asks him to make a wish to bring everyone that Furiza had killed back to life. The Senior Elder was brought back to life with all the others, and with him returned to the mortal plain, the Namek balls regained their power. Porunga, the Dragon of Namek, still had one wish remaining, and Dende is ordered by the Elder to go make it. Goku asks that he grant a wish to transport everyone except Furiza and himself from Namek to Earth (Even Vegita). Dende yells out the request, and Furiza is left alone with Goku to do battle. With his job done, the Senior Elder gives the power of the Dragonballs to another Namek, and passes away peacefully.

Now able to fight to the death, Furiza charges up to full power. Goku has a little trouble with Furiza, but not much. Feeling that he is superior to the purple villain, Goku says that there is no point in continuing the match as he will win it anyway. Greatly insulted by this remark, Furiza forms a Kienzan and hurls it at Goku who is now slowly flying away. It barely misses him, and Goku is forced to resume the fight. Chased around by the thin disk, Goku still manages to keep clear of it. Frustrated, Furiza forms ANOTHER Kienzan, and sends it to follow Goku as well. Using clever tactics, Goku gets Furiza to slice himself in half with his own technique. Now almost dead, Furiza begs Goku for help. Unable to leave Furiza to die, he gives him a bit of his Ki so that he may leave the planet before it explodes. Furiza has other plans though, and uses Goku's gift to make one final attack. Angered by Furiza's stubborness, Goku vaporizes the remaining part of his body.

With Namek about to destroy itself any second, Goku frantically rushes to Furiza's ship in a hope to start it. Unable to locate the controls, the ship plunges into a lava-filled ravine. With no alternatives, Goku screams a few obscenities. Namek is blown away into dust, and Goku's whereabouts are unknown.

With the Namek balls now on Earth, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yamcha are all wished back to life. They try to bring Goku back to life, but Porunga informs them that Goku is not dead, and does not wish to return to Earth yet. Baffled, Goku's friends continue and use the balls to locate another habitable planet for the Nameks. New Namek is established, and the former inhabitants of Old Namek are teleported there. Yet the wait for Goku continues with no further contact from our hero...

Onto the Garlic Jr. Saga...

DragonBall Z - Garlic Jr. Saga
Having freed himself from the Dead Zone, Garlic Jr. attacks Kami-sama's lookout with the help of four new underlings, trapping God and his assistant in a bottle. He uses this opportunity to release the Aquamist, a gas that basically turns anyone it reaches into a demon. Meanwhile, Gohan has snuck away from home with Haiya Dragon in order to visit his friends. Kuririn has a new girlfriend named Maron, and at the moment are with Buruma, Oolong, and the old man himself at Kame house. The Aquamist reaches the island, transforming them all into demons (With the exception of Kuririn and Maron, who were underwater when the mist passed over them). Gohan and his dragon manage to escape the effects as well.

Having now reached the island, Gohan finds himself attacked by his friends. Garlic Jr.'s minions arrive (which FUNimation has dubbed the Spice Boys), and inform Gohan of the Super Holy Water, the only thing that can counter the Aquamist. Piccolo comes to Gohan's rescue, but is bitten by one of the demons, and turns against our young hero as well.

Upon reaching Kami-sama's tower, Gohan meets Garlic Jr, who tells him how the Makyosei's (a red star) close approach to Earth freed him from the Dead Zone, and makes him stronger by the minute. Garlic Jr. orders his men to focus their attacks on Gohan, because it was him that banished the evil lord to the Dead Zone in the first place (although Kuririn still tries to help Gohan). Meanwhile, Vegeta is searching for Goku in deep space, hoping to keep up with his level of strength.

Piccolo begins to attack Gohan one on one, and does some serious damage to him. Kuririn, getting in the way of the battle, is bitten by Piccolo, and joins in against Gohan. It is at this moment that Piccolo steals the bottle containing Kami-sama and Popo from Garlic Jr. and releases them. Piccolo explains that since he is already a demon, the aquamist bite had no affect on him. Garlic Jr. becomes enraged, and the Makyosei approaches its apogee to Earth.

Knowing that there is no way to release the Super Holy Water before daybreak, Popo suggests that it be poured into the holes beneath Kami's palace where the winds would carry it around the world. However, on the way to this place rests the bodies of all the previous Kamis, known as the Shinsenkai. Any living Kami that attempts to pass through this area is in great danger. As the battle with Garlic Jr. and his minions continues on the surface, Kami is attacked by the previous gods, who drain his life force. Since Piccolo and Kami-sama are still spirtually linked, Piccolo begins to suffer in his battle. Despite the incredible amount of pain, Kami and Popo press on, finally reaching the bottom of the palace. With the dead gods busy attacking Kami, Popo manages to release the Super Holy Water, returning the Earth's population to normal.

Back on the surface, Gohan, Kuririn, and Piccolo continue to do battle with Garlic Jr, who becomes stronger every second. Gohan bores a hole into Garlic Jr.'s abdomen, but due to his wish of immortality, is resurrected on the spot. Finding out that the Aquamist has been countered by Kami, Garlic Jr. creates a new Dead Zone, hoping to suck the entire palace from its foundation. Gohan creates an energy shield around himself and his friends so that they will not be absorbed into the tear, but uses much of his energy maintaining it. Piccolo distracts Garlic Jr, allowing Gohan to destroy the Makyosei. With the evil star now gone, Garlic Jr. loses all of his power, and falls into the Dead Zone once again. With Garlic Jr. gone and peace once again restored, the Z warriors wonder where Goku could possibly be...

Onto the Android Saga...

DragonBall Z - Android Saga

With the exception of Goku missing, all is well on Earth. The serenity is short-lived, as Furiza is on his way to the planet with his father, King Cold. The Z warriors sense his overwhelming presence, and prepare for his arrival. Knowing they have little chance against the dark lord themselves, they are frightened to learn that another force just as powerful Furiza is accompanying him.

King Cold and his son finally land on Earth. Furiza has learned from his defeat to be more cautious, and not to underestimate a Super Saiya-jin. Goku is still hours away, so Furiza orders his men to exterminate all life on the Earth. However, a mysterious teenager with purple hair swoops down and slaughters all his minions before they have a chance to kill anyone. The youth tells Furiza that he will destroy him, and wastes no time. After a few attacks are exchanged, Furiza is sliced into tiny bits and then vaporized by the shadowy character. King Cold would not admit to himself that his son could be killed by a mere "monkey," and assumes that the kid's power lies in his sword. Convincing the teen to give him the sword, King Cold attacks. The teen merely catches the blade and proceeds to kill King Cold, despite his pleas.

The mysterious youth flies down to the others and tells them to follow him to Son Goku. Vegita is stunned and blazing with rage after realizing there is yet another Saiya-jin who has surpassed him. Goku arrives in a small pod, finally reunited with his friends. The stranger asks Goku to talk to him, and Son agrees. Introducing himself as Trunks, the son of Vegita, he tells Goku that in three years he will die of a heart disease, and two androids will destroy the world. Goku is upset, not because he is going to die (been there, done that), but because he won't get to fight the androids. Trunks explains that Goku need not worry, as he brought an antidote for the heart disease from the future.

While he and Goku are talking, Trunks suddenly goes Super Saiya-jin. Out of nowhere, he lunges at Goku holding his sword in front of him, much resembling the strike he hit Furiza with. Goku doesn't budge. Trunks stops, inches before Goku's forehead makes contact with the sword. Goku tells Trunks he didn't move because he knew Trunks would not strike him. Trunks smirks, and tells Goku that next time he won't stop. Trunks strikes again and again and again. Each time Goku stops the sword using one finger. Trunks decides that Goku is possibly strong enough to defeat the androids.

Trunks gives Goku a specific date and time for them all to meet, and at that time they will face the androids. Then he leaves, but not before telling Goku who his father and mother are (Bulma and Vegita) and not to say anything that might endanger his existance (if they found out, Bulma and Vegita might never fall in love!). Goku agrees saying "Don't worry, I don't talk much." Goku goes to the group who have been watching the whole thing, and tells everyone what happened (leaving out anything about Trunks' parents) but forgets the date to meet. Fortunately, Piccolo, with his Super-Namek-Auditory-System overheard the whole thing and tells everyone the date, but mentions nothing about Trunks himself. They all go their seperate ways, in order to train as hard as they can for the next three years. Goku, Gohan and Piccolo go to train, Tenshinhan and Chaozu go off with each other, and Kuririn and Yamcha each go their seperate ways.

There are a few things of notice, such as the time when Goku and Piccolo are forced to get driver's licenses by Chi-Chi. After the three years have passed, everybody goes to meet at the specific point given to them by Future Trunks. As it turns out, the island they were supposed to meet on contains a huge city.

The Z-fighters are surprised to find Bulma there holding a baby (Trunks) in her hands. Goku mistakenly calls him Trunks before Bulma gives him the name, but since Trunks has already been born, there is no danger in revealing who he is. Since the Z-fighters cannot sense the KI of an android, they must look for the androids with their eyes and ears, and that may take a while. Eventually, Yamcha finds the androids, and is surprised to see what they look like, since no one ever got a description from Future Trunks. The androids quickly absorb Yamcha's energy through red orbs in their hands then promptly punch a gaping hole through Yamcha's stomach. The other Z-fighters eventually find Yamcha and fight a little with the androids, but soon give up, realizing that the fight is causing too many casualties. Yamcha is taking back to the original meeting place on the island (on a hill) and given senzu, which revives him.

The androids and the Z-fighters all go to an island. Surprising, Goku is winded just from flying. Something is noticably wrong with him. He begins to fight with android #19 and is kicking his ass, but seems to keeping getting in worse and worse shape. Eventually the android overpowers him, and begins to absorb his energy. Piccolo is about to rescue him, when Vegita rams into android #19 with a flying kick. The Z-fighters realize that the reason Goku is in such bad shape is because his heart condition hurting him. As it turns out, he has never taken his medicine, because the symptoms never came. Yamcha takes him back to his house, where he is given the medicine. However, it seems to have little effect.

Meanwhile, back at the island, Vegita has a few surprises of his own. Unbeknownst to the Z-fighters, Vegita has aquired the ability to go Super Saiya-jin. He explains how ironic it was that his very anger at not being able to go Super Saiya-jin was the thing that caused him to go SSJ. Vegita and Android 19 fight around a bit, and it becomes clear that Vegita has the upperhand. Eventually, Vegita lets the android grab onto his arms, the Andriod begins to drain his energy saying "I'll never let go!" Vegita asks "Never?" He places his feet on the android's chest and pulls its arms from their sockets. Vegita then proceeds to destroy android #19.

#20 is astonished that there can possibly be anybody this strong. He flees into a giant mountain, using the cracks to conceal himself, since the Z-fighters cannot sense his Ki. Vegita is given Senzu and follows the android. The rest of the Z-fighters follow Vegita. Android 20 is contemplating what to do. He decides to pick off the Z-fighters and steal their energy, then move on to Vegita.He tries to steal Piccolo's energy, but since Piccolo has a supreme auditory system, he knows the attack was coming. Unbeknowst the android, Piccolo was actually destroying his energy while he thought he was abosorbing it. Piccolo then takes a senzu and challenges #20 to a bout. #20 agrees, assuming he should be at least as strong as Piccolo after absorbing his energy. He gets the crap kicked out of him. He flees into the cracks of the mountain again and is going back to the lab.

Once Gero returns to the lab and attempts to persuade #17 and #18 to fight the Z teamers. The androids disagree, and don't like being commanded, and say so. The two androids decide to activate #16 despite many warnings from Dr. Gero. #17 and #18 kill their creator without a thought. Vegita states that that's not unusual, and that it is perfectly normal to kill anyone you don't like. Trunks shoots a blast into the cave which the lab is in, but it has no effect. #16 is activated. They ask him if he was made to kill Son Goku, and he replies to the affirmative. #18 says it makes her sick to think of Dr. Gero's goals for them.

The androids fly away, and the Z teamers realize they are heading towards Goku's house. Vegita is mad the androids paid him no notice, and insists on following them despite numerous warnings from Trunks. Meanwhile the androids decide to touch down for a while. In a debate about taking a car, #17 asks #16 if he was made from a man like they were. #16 calmly states that he was made from nothing. The androids puzzle over this for a little while, then Vegita confronts them. #18 tells #16 to fight Vegita, but he refuses.

#18 and Vegita begin to duel, and #17 is surprised that the Saiya-jin is much stronger than Dr. Gero told them he was. All of the Z teamers return, and Vegita comments on how stupid they are. #16 refuses to fight again. Trunks tells Vegita to run, and the androids say they won't fight people who run away because they have no interest in them. Vegita asks Trunks if he could use another slap. #17 complements Vegita's fighting skills, but Vegita just insults him in return. Piccolo notices that the android has infinite stamina, and Vegita is getting weaker by the minute.

#18 begins to land some critical hits on the now weakened Vegita. Trunks cannot stand to see his father in such pain, and intervenes with his sword. However, #18 is so strong that Trunks' sword chips on impact. Piccolo and Tenshinhan engage #17, but are beat back easily. Kuririn considers helping, but realizes he's no match for the androids. #17 and #18 make quick work of the Z warriors, but do not kill them off. They tell Kuririn to give his fallen comrades Senzu, because their only true purpose is to kill Goku. #18 kisses Kuririn on the cheek, and departs.

When Piccolo was revived along with the rest, he became extremely frustrated at himself. Without a reason, he flies off. Kuririn notes the direction that Piccolo left in, and speculates that he has gone to recombine with God (Kami). Since both have an unimaginable hatred for the other, Kuririn realizes that the situation must be grave. Back at Goku's house, our hero is still in incredible pain from the heart virus (Even after taking the medicine brought by Trunks). When Piccolo reaches the Kami tower, he explains to Kami that the world did not need a God, but a super warrior. However, Kami wants to have a longer look at the situation before he does anything rash, and tells Piccolo to wait.

Androids #16, #17, and #18 decided to take their time on their way to find Goku, and have some fun on their way. Both a motorcycle gang and the police chase after them, but are easily dispatched. Kuririn and Trunks inform Chi-Chi of the situation, and that they have to move Goku to a safer locale. Son is loaded into a plane, and they all fly off to Kame-sennin's house.

While the Z senshi waited, Gohan, Kuririn, and Trunks discuss how they could possibly use the time machine to defeat the cyborgs. Trunks told them that going into the past again to destroy the androids before they were activated would create another timeline, and would not destroy the androids looking for Goku in their future. When asked why he came back if he knew that anything he did would have no affect on the androids in his future, Trunks explained that he wanted to see if the androids had any weaknesses when Son Goku fought them, and if worst came to worst, he could take Goku back to his time and have him help destroy the menace.

In mid-flight the plane receives a call from Buruma saying that another time machine had been found. She faxes over a picture, and Trunks recognizes it as his time machine. He decides that he has to get a closer look, so Gohan, Trunks, and Buruma all head to the reported location. When they reach the machine, they find it covered in moss, and inside there are broken bits of a shell. Trunks has a look at the computer within the machine, and finds that it had departed three years after Trunks' future, and arrived four years in the current timeline. Close to the machine they find an egg capsule that something hatched from very recently. Trunks becomes very worried about the situation, but with nothing else to find, they leave the scene.

Meanwhile, Kami-sama began to fear what was happening down on Earth. Whatever had come out of the egg was now absorbing people left and right. An entire city's population had been decimated by this monster. Kami could not take it anymore, and agreed to merge with Piccolo. He explains to Mr. Popo that it was better to have a warrior in this situation than a Kami, and gives his life to Piccolo. Now possessing a superior intellect and a strong body, Piccolo flies down to find the monster.

Finding the monster sucking the life out of the last inhabitant of the city, Piccolo tells the monster to stop. The monster refuses, and begins to do battle with Piccolo. However, Piccolo's new strength is nothing to be trifled with, and he is unscatched by the monster's attacks. The rest of the Z warriors are confused by this development, as they can sense Vegita's, Tenshinhan's, Piccolo's, and Furiza's ki from the same location. The monster rears back and fires a Kame Hame Ha at Piccolo, catching him off-guard (Although he still evades the blast). The monster then blurs behind Piccolo and stabs his arm, sucking the life force from it. Admitting defeat, Piccolo requests that the monster explain to him who he was and what he was up to.

The monster explains that he is an android created by Dr. Gero from the cells of the greatest warriors on Earth. Gero had collected samples from Goku, Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Furiza, Vegita, and King Cold, but considered the project a failure and moved on to something else. However, the computer continued working on the creation, and finally finished three years after Trunks had defeated the androids in his own time (The computer was stationed much deeper in the Earth, so it was not destroyed by Trunks when the lab was blasted). Cell killed Trunks and took his time machine, but had to turn himself into an egg in order to fit. He had been told by Dr. Gero's computer that in order to become "perfect," he would have to absorb androids #17 and #18, who had already been killed in his timeline. Piccolo thanked Cell for the information, and regenerated his shriveled arm. Surprised by Piccolo's ability, Cell was forced to do battle again.

With Kuririn and Trunks arriving on the scene, Piccolo reveals that he had merged with Kami-sama, and that he would destroy Cell even if he tried to run. Cell uses a Taiyoken and makes his escape to the city. Once there, he begins to sap the life-force of the residents in hopes of becoming stronger than Piccolo and the others. Piccolo becomes extremely frustrated with himself for losing Cell. Meanwhile, Trunks and Kuririn decide to destroy the undeveloped Cell in Dr. Gero's lab so another monster would not be created. Upon arriving in the lab, Kuririn and Trunks find the young Cell organism and blueprints for Android #17. Taking the plans, they blow up the lab and start heading home.

Glancing over the plans for Android #17, Dr. Briefs and Buruma find quite a bit of stuff they do not understand. However, they vow to do their best to find a weak spot. Cell is still on the rampage, sucking energy left and right. He pursues a little girl and her brother, but Kuririn arrives just in time to save them. Cell chases after our bald hero, and smacks him around a bit. However, Piccolo and Tenshinhan arrive and drive Cell off. Back at the Kame House, Goku had finally woken up from his virus-induced coma, and was training on the beach of the small island. With Vegita's failure, he knew his current level would be no match for the androids. Goku tells the others about a special room where a year of training can take place in only a day. He transports himself and Gohan to Vegita and Trunks, who are busy practicing, and tells them about the room. During this time, the androids finally reach Goku's home, only to find it vacant.

Mr. Popo leads the four Saiya-jin to the room of spirit and time in God's palace, and asks who would be entering first. Vegita and Trunks volunteer to be the first trainees. Flying to Kame's islands, the androids meet with the Z warriors once again. Piccolo refuses to tell them Goku's location, and challenges them to a battle on a neighboring island. #17 decides that he will go solo while #16 and #18 observe the fight. Piccolo has a slight edge over the android, and does a fair amount of damage to him. Hoping to finish him of, Piccolo performs an attack that surrounds #17 with ki energy. The android emerges unscathed.

The battle continues, and Cell senses the fight. Thinking he is powerful enough to take on Piccolo, and that Piccolo is probably fighting #17, he rushes to the island. Meanwhile, Buruma finally completes a device that will deactivate the androids.With little time to spare, Kuririn speeds towards Buruma's to pick up the device. Piccolo and #17 are not gaining much ground on each other, and Cell takes them by surprise. Having never seen Cell before, #17 does not know what he has in store. The monster tries to take #17's energy, but Piccolo interferes. The Namek-jin launches a massive attack at Cell, but does no damage to him. To prevent further interuptions, Cell breaks Piccolo's neck and tosses him into the ocean.

While Goku restrains Gohan from leaving God's palace, Cell and Android #17 begin to duke it out. Even without the stamina drain, #17 was getting pounded. Finally, #16 interferes and challenges Cell. He proves to be a much fairer opponent, and an even match for Dr. Gero's DNA experiment. Cell tries to absorb #16's energy, but finds that there is nothing to steal. It is then that #16 reveals he is 100% robotic, and contains absolutely no organic material (#17 and #18 are based on human beings). He continued to rip Cell to pieces. However, with Piccolo's ability to regenerate, he takes little physical damage.

#16 and Cell continued to duel, with the big android getting the upper-hand. The recepient of a Rocket Punch and a Hell's Flash, Cell was looking down and out. Thinking he was dead, #17 and #18 refuse to leave, despite #16's pleas. After realizing Cell is still alive, #17 challenges him to fight. This was the break Cell was looking for. He sneaks up behind #17 and quickly absorbs him with his tail. The first transformation begins. #16 grabs #18 and flies away as fast as he can, but apparently it's not fast enough. Cell steps in front of the two fleeing androids and blasts #16 in the head, tearing a part of it off. As number #18 frantically threatens to destroy herself, Tenshinhan steps into the battle.

The first blast hits Cell and drives him into the Earth. Tenshinhan tells the androids to get away, and continues to use his Kikoho attack on the monster. Since the area of affect is quite large, Cell is unable to escape the hole in the ground Tenshinhan has confined him to. However, this was taking a massive toll on his body, and he couldn't keep it up for long. With the last of his energy gone, Ten's unconscious body drifts to the ground. Cell gets ready to evaporate his body for letting the androids get away, but Goku teleports in. He tells Cell that in one day he will be ready to mop the floor with him. Goku senses Piccolo's ki, and realizes that he's alive (but barely). He teleports to his body, then transports both fallen warriors to Kami's palace just before Cell can get a hit on Goku.

Kuririn and Buruma finally reach each other, and she gives him the device to destroy the androids. However, it must be used no more than 10 meters away. Cell begins his search for #18, who is hiding with #16 on an island. To everyone's surprise, the door to the room of spirit and time finally opens. Vegita and Trunks emerge, and inform the others that they have both surpassed Super Saiya-jin. Buruma arrives in her jet, bringing special light-weight battle uniforms for the Z warriors. After putting on these new clothes, Trunks and Vegita rush to Cell's ki. Cell is becoming increasing frustrated with being unable to locate #18, and flies high into the air. He screams so loudly that everyone on the islands below can hear he cries. He threatens to destroy each and every island until #18 comes out, and begins to do so. With the room of spirit and time now vacant, Goku and Gohan begin their "year" of training.

Cell continues to obliterate island after island until only one is left. He charges a large energy attack, but Vegita interupts him. To his surprise, Vegita has suddenly become a lot stronger. He shows Cell what is beyond Super Saiya-jin, and Cell does not like it one bit. Blow after blow land, and Cell is powerless to stop the onslaught (though he does retaliate with a few weak attacks in edgewise). Vegita toys with his opponent, who is nowhere near his level, and holds back in killing him. Cell begins to whine about not being complete.

Meanwhile, Kuririn had arrived on the island, and was searching for #18 to deactivate her. He finds her, and manages to sneak very close. However, our emotional hero begins to have second thoughts about destroying the woman who gave him a playful peck on the cheek earlier. Cell desperately tries to convince Vegita that he will be a challenge if he becomes perfect. Luckily for him, it works. Vegita lets Cell search for #18, but Trunks stands in the way. He refuses to let Vegita's pride endanger the lives of the people of Earth. Kuririn finally makes a decision: He walks into #18's field of view, and smashes the controller. The androids are very surprised by Kuririn's action. While father and son are bickering, Cell spots #18.

As Cell swoops down towards his meal, Trunks once again blocks his path. Cell is pounded into some mountains, where he quickly masks his Ki and burrows underground. He sneaks up on #18, and Trunks tries to prevent Cell from devouring her with his tail. However, Vegita wants to see Cell reach perfection, and bats his own son away. #16 and Kuririn try to interfere, but are easily dispatched. In his desperation, Trunks launches an energy ball at Vegita, and blasts him far from the battle scene. Cell makes more advances on #18, but AGAIN Trunks kicks him away. Frustrated by all the interference, Cell uses a Taiyoken on the Z warriors. With everyone blinded, he zips down and absorbs #18. Cell begins his transformation to perfection.

Waves of energy spread across the Earth, and Cell completes his transformation. In the room of spirit and time, Goku and Gohan are still busily training. When Goku finally goes all out on Gohan, his son finally reaches Super Saiya-jin. Back on the ground, Cell is admiring his new body...so much that he just ignores Kuririn and Trunks who are busy trying to kill him with a flurry of attacks. Kuririn forms a Kienzan, and chucks it at Cell. To his surprise, the attack bounces right off him. Cell smashes his body in response, but Trunks aids him with a Senzu almost immediately. Vegita flies down to challenge this new Cell, and seems fairly even with him in power at the beginning.

His confidence slowly fades as he realizes he's not putting a dent in Cell. Vegita is kicked around a bit, and becomes severly pissed off. He flies into the air and challenges Cell to take his energy attack head on. Cell stubbornly obliges. Vegita's Final Flash packs a huge punch, and disintegrates Cell's right arm and shoulder. But thanks to Cell's regenerative capabilites, he just grows a new one in its place. He quickly knocks Vegita unconscious, and is about to kill him...until he notices Trunks is charging up a massive amount of Ki.

Trunks and Cell begin to do battle, and it looks like Cell has the upper hand. As Trunks lies on the ground from one of Cell's hits, he looks at Kuririn and points at Vegita's body. Kuririn realizes that Trunks was letting himself get attacked on purpose so that Vegita would not be harmed. As he flies away with Vegita, Cell tells Trunks to fight all-out. The warriors exchange more attacks, this time not holding back. Trunks powers up an insane amount, and grow tremendously buff. Cell admits that Trunks has much more power than he does, but the Saiya-jin had no chance of defeating him.

Goku and Gohan are still training in the room of spirit and time, honing their skills. Goku demonstrates USSJ for Gohan, but tells him that it is a foolish form. Since the muscles grow to such a large size, the form is very slow and easy to dodge. Attacks pack a lot of power, but it's doubtful they'll hit their target. Cell is telling Trunks the exact same thing. Thinking himself as a fool, Trunks orders Cell to kill him. The green monster has a better idea: A martial arts tournament. He tells the Z warriors that it will be held in 10 days, and that if anyone can kill him, the Earth will not be destroyed. When asked what his goal is, Cell informs them that he has none. He just fights for the fun of it, and is not interested in world conquest or killing Son Goku...

Onto the Cell Game...

DragonBall Z - Cell Game

Vegita and Kuririn return to the battlefield, only to find a solemn Trunks and a missing Cell. When Vegita asks what had happened, Trunks admits he could not defeat his opponent. #16 is taken to Capsule Corporation, where Dr. Briefs and Buruma begin the complicated repairs to his damaged body. Meanwhile, Cell has constructed the arena that will be used in his budoukai, and flies to the nearest TV station to announce it. Our heroes catch his message on TV, where they learn that everyone on Earth will die unless someone defeats Cell in what he has now called the "Cell Game."

With Cell's challenge issued, the Z warriors prepare to defeat him in his own tournament. Goku and Gohan emerge from the room of spirit and time a few hours early, and are told the events thus far. To everyone's surprise, both are in SSJ form and seem to be behaving normally. Piccolo is the next in line to use the room, irritating Vegita. To lessen his boredom, Cell occupies himself with killing some random people (A favorite villain past-time).

Goku feels Cell's massive Ki, and teleports to his ring where he waits patiently. Both warriors charge up to size each other, and Goku tells him not to kill anyone before the tournament. Return to Kami's tower, Goku says that he probably cannot defeat Cell at his current level. Piccolo offers Goku and Gohan the use of the room again, but Goku declines. He says that nine days will be enough preparation. They make a pit-stop at Karin's home on the tower, and ask him to compare him to Cell. After the place is nearly blown apart, Karin tells Goku that he's very strong, but Cell is still stronger. With that, Goku leaves, and tells Gohan that they will rest for three days, train for three days, then rest another three days.

Goku and Gohan go fishing and do other relaxing activities. Kuririn and the others are surprised at how calm Goku is, especially since he thought Cell was more powerful. Gohan rescues a girl in his free time, and celebrates his 11th birthday (Thanks to the room of spirit and time, he was almost a year older). Piccolo has finally finished training, and Vegita rushes into the room to try and beat out Goku once again. While Son and company go shopping, they notice the military is launching an attack on Cell. Of course, the strike is futile, and the armed forces are destroyed. Goku asks Piccolo if he could separate again to re-create the Dragon Balls; to which Piccolo angrily says he can't. They need another Namek-jin who is capable of spawning them.

And where better to find a Namek than the planet itself? Goku is unable to find their new location, so he hops over to Kaio-sama's place and asks for help. After locating the Nameks, Goku teleports to their planet and explains the situation. The elder offers Dende to him, as he misses Earth and wants to see Gohan and Kuririn again. With Dende in hand, Goku teleports back to Kami's palace. Dende uses his ability, and the balls go flying off in all directions. Goku pops in Capsule Corporation and takes the dragon radar so he may collect them. As Son searches for the DBs, the Z warriors watch as an egotistical fool named Mr. Satan brags about being the strongest man on Earth.

Goku notices that two of the Dragon Balls are together, and heads that direction. Tao Pie Pie was busy collecting them for his boss Vodka, who wants to create an empire out of the ashes after Cell destroys the world. Of course, our jolly hero ignores all danger and meets Tao Pie Pie face to face. To buy time, Tao Pie Pie tells Goku he can have what they have collected if he solves three metal puzzles. Working into the early morning, Son finally finishes the last one. He teleports to the two villans, now far away, and takes his prize. Goku finds the final Dragon Ball in a lake.

With only an hour until the Cell Game, the warriors all arrived at the ring one by one. Mr. Satan drives up in a large car, and gloats about his never-ending power. Joining the Z warriors is #16, repaired by Buruma and Dr. Briefs. They decide that Goku will go first, but Mr. Satan has objections. After Kuririn convinces Son that this oaf can be wished back later by the Dragon Balls, he agrees to let him go first. Mr. Satan is prepared to fight, when two other warriors say they are second only to Satan. He lets them fight first...and Cell defeats them with minimal effort. Mr. Satan unleashes a flurry of kicks and punches, all of which do absolutely nothing. Cell slaps him away into some nearby mountains.

Now only the serious contenders remained. Goku steps into the ring, and begins to fight Cell. Both start off at partial power, and battle until they both reach their limits. Cell and Goku exchange Kame Hame Ha's: Goku dodges Cell's blast, Cell gets his head blown off and regenerates it. The tournament continues, and neither seem to be gaining ground. Goku finally runs out of energy, and rather than taking a Senzu bean, he quits the match. The other Z warriors are shocked, Goku is the least likely of the bunch to give up a fight.

With Goku out of the running, they wonder who will go next. Goku nominates his own son. Vegita is somewhat sore about his fellow Saiya-jin's decision, but does not intervene. Gohan enters the arena, and begins his duel. Just like his father, Gohan is getting nowhere fast with Cell. Feeling the fight is meaningless, he tells Cell that he does not want to continue. Gohan explains that ever since he was young, he would exhibit immense power when he got really angry. Cell becomes intrigued, and tries his damndest to piss the kid off. He inflicts as much pain as possible, yet Gohan still controls himself and refuses to get mad. Goku wonders about his decision, and Piccolo tells him what Gohan is feeling. He explains that Gohan does not like to fight like Goku does, and the only thing that's going through his head is "why is my father making me do this?" Meanwhile, Cell has beaten Gohan to a bloody pulp, and realizes he's getting nowhere. So he decides to cause harm to Gohan's friends.

Zooming towards Kuririn, he swipes the bag of senzu that he is grasping. He tells Gohan that he will hurt those he cares for so the kid will get angry. Gohan tries to retaliate, but is kicked away by Cell. It's at this time that #16 steps into action once again. Leaping on to Cell, he grabs him in a bear hug and holds him fast. He then tells the Z warriors that he has a very powerful self-destruct mechanism, and that he will destroy Cell along with himself. But nothing happens. Kuririn tells the android that when he was being rebuilt by Capsule Corporation, Dr. Briefs found a powerful bomb in his body and thought it did not belong there. Thus, he removed it. Cell commends #16 for his valiant attempt...then blows him into small pieces.

Yet still, Gohan has not gotten angry enough. Cell decides to make his own help. Seven Cell Jr.'s fly out of his tail, and he orders them to cause suffering for the observers of the game. While Vegita and Trunks are able to hold their own, the other five are getting brutalized (Goku had not recuperated from his battle with Cell). Gohan wishes that whatever hidden power he has will be released, but it just will not show itself. #16, now only a head, begs Mr. Satan to take him to Gohan. Suprisingly, Satan has a moment of courage and agrees. He tosses the android's remains right next to Cell. #16 tells Gohan that it's OK to release his anger, especially to protect those he cares for. He then tells him to do it for the birds and the trees he loves so much. Cell steps on #16's skull, and crushes him out of existance.

Cell's act of cruelty proves to be the last straw; Gohan attains the next level. He becomes the first to ever go beyond USSJ, what we refer to as "SSJ2." Gohan snatches the senzu back from Cell, and kills off the Cell Jr.'s one by one. He shows no remorse, and each has an equally brutal death. Tossing the senzu beans to Trunks, he tells him to distribute them among the injured. Gohan now squares off again with Cell, and does immense damage to him with only a few hits. Cell becomes frustrated, so he decides that he will try energy attacks rather than physical. He launches a giant Kame Hame Ha at Gohan and the Earth. Goku's son overpowers it with his own blast, and leaves Cell a quivering, deformed hulk.

Goku orders his son to finish the villain off, but Gohan refuses. He wants to make Cell hurt as much as he his friends. The android uses this time to regenerate, and decides to switch to a strong, slow form. Just as he had told Trunks earlier, this form proved to be worthless, and Gohan smacked him very hard in the face. In fact, the blow was so severe that it caused Cell to regurgitate #18. Without the android to sustain his perfect form, Cell reverts to what he was after he absorbed #17. Now standing no chance against Gohan, he begins to puff up like a balloon. He tells the Z warriors that in one minute, he will explode and take the Earth with him. Gohan curses himself for letting Cell live when he had the chance to destroy him. Goku knows what he has to do. He waves goodbye to his friends, and places his hand on Cell's enormous body.

Using his instantaneous movement, Goku teleports Cell and himself to Kaio's planet. He apologizes to Kaio for what he is doing. Cell bursts in a tremendous flash, and erases Goku's ki (Kaio and his pets also fall victim). Gohan yells for his father. Appearing at the gates of the spirit realm, Goku and Kaio begin their flight back to the planetoid. It is at this time they realize something shocking: Cell did not appear in heaven, and hence is still alive somewhere!

Back on Earth, a blast comes out of nowhere and pierces Trunks in the heart. Baffled by this development, the Z warriors scan the area for the assassin. Cell appears in front of them, and our heroes are completely shocked. He explains that there's a lump inside his head that allows him to regenerate even when the rest of the body is destroyed. Since he has Saiya-jin cells, Cell has grown stronger from his near-death experience, and has also learned Goku's teleportation. And, for reasons unknown, he is back in his perfect form. Vegita becomes enraged at the death of his son, and charges Cell head on. He proves little match, and is tossed away like a doll.

Cell decides that he's going to end Vegita's misery, and fires a blast as his body. Gohan leaps in the way of the attack, and it badly damages his arm. Cell decides to take advantage of the situation, and flies up into the air. He then begins to charge a Kame Hame Ha. With only one good arm, Gohan feels he doesn't have a chance. However, some words of encouragement from his father in the afterlife give him the spirit to defend himself. Charging his own one-handed Kame Hame Ha, he projects his energy at Cell's massive blast. Mustering all his strength, Gohan fries the villain once and for all.



DragonBall Z - Buu Saga

Seven years pass since the Cell Game. Kuririn marries #18 (who was wished to human by the DragonBalls) and has a daughter named Marron. Chi-Chi has a seconded son named Son Goten, Son Goten and Trunks (Chibi) turned SSJ at an early age. Son Gohan has a girl friend named Videl, the daughter of Satan ( Satan takes all the credit for killing Cell, this got him really famous ), Son Gohan is also a superhero named the Great SaiyanMan. During The Tenkaichu-Boudoukai, Son Gokou is granted a single day of life to meet with Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Chi-Chi, and all the Z warriors, including Vegeta. Two of Buu's slaves steal Son Gohan's energy, then a man named Kaiosen revives Son Gohan, he than tells of a evil demon named Buu trying to destroy the Earth. If Buu's slaves gather enougth energy, he will be revived. Vegeta learning that he can become stronger by turning into Buu's slave, Vegeta turns evil again, this time he is Majin Vegeta and can turn to SSJ2. This gives Buu enough energy to be revived. Gokou then learns to turn to SSJ2 and fights him and convinces him that good always triumphs over evil. After Majin Vegeta killed himself to try to destroy Buu, Buu regenerated. Him and Babide started wrecking Havoc all over, Buu would turn people to candy then eat them. Goku only had a little more time on earth. When Goku cam to, he went to Kamisama's (Dende's) palace. They where still out cold. After being there for a while he went to fight Buu. He fought Buu, showing his true power of a Super Saiyajin 3. Then Babide started calling Buu names, Buu was sick and tired of Babide's crap so he then blew Babide's head clean off his body. At that time Goku had a plan (He was back at Kaisama's). He wanted to teach the kids (Goten and Vegeta) how to do the "Fusion". He taught them with Piccolo. They didn't have it down verve well, but Goku had to leave now. He couldn't stay on earth any longer. Piccolo was then training the kids on the "Fusion". They learned it pretty good, not they just had to do some training to built their strength. They trained in the room of spirit & time. They tried the Fusion again and it was a success! When transformed they could go Super Saiyajin 3! At this time Mr. Satan was trying to make it look like he beat Buu. He went to Buu's house and gave Buu some candy, then asked if Buu could lay on the floor while he took a picture of them with his foot on Buu. He started feeling sorry for Buu. He then stayed with Buu being his cook, friend and even bath buddy! They became best friends. Then they found a little puppy, Buu loved this puppy dearly. But one day while playing with it a hunter shot the puppy. Buu was furious! He ran over to the dog and healed it. He almost exploded with anger, he had to keep it bottled up. Then later the hunter came back (After his beating from Mr. Satan) and shot Mr. Satan! Buu couldn't take it any more, steam was coming out of his holes, he healed Mr. Satan, then told him to leave. Mr. Satan too the dog and started running. Then Buu went out and there was an explosion of rage, Out of that explosion spawned another Buu! This one was a lot darker and a lot skinnier. That Buu then turned the old Fat Buu into chocolate and absorbed his power! That evil Buu started to transform into a more fit Buu! He then flew off, he was looking for those 2 kids. He then made it to Kamisama's and told Piccolo to take him to the kids, Piccolo wanted them to rest more, they where not ready to fight Buu yet because they still needed to train. Piccolo talked Buu into waiting for a bit. Like an idiot Chi-Chi came over to Buu yelling at him for "killing Gohan". Buu then said, "Become an egg" and then stepped on her. When this happened Goten and Trunks just happened to be walking by to start training some more. Goten almost lost it. They trained some more, but Buu was getting annoyed waiting. He then told Piccolo to take him to them right away. Piccolo then took Buu the long way. After walking for about an hour they made it to the room of spirit & time. The fight began, Goten and Trunks fused to become "Gotenks". Gotenks was fighting in non-super Saiyajin form. Then after he made it look like he was getting beaten he transformed into SSJ1. The fight was going on for a while, but then Gotenks used his Kamikaze ghost attack. He blew Buu into pieces, he was everywhere! Then Piccolo and Gotenks started burning the remains of Buu. After they where done a pink mist started forming above their heads, it was Buu regenerating! They fought a little, then Gotenks told Piccolo that he was running out of strength and there was nothing more he could do (He wanted to "WOW" piccolo by turning SSJ3 in the middle of the fight). Then Piccolo destroyed the gateway back to earth. They where stuck in the room of spirit & time. Piccolo told Buu that and that Buu could never see candy again. Buu then started screaming in anger. He screamed so loud that it ripped a hole from the room of spirit & time back to earth. He saw the chance to escape, so he did, leaving Gotenks and Piccolo behind. Piccolo told Gotenks that they had to try the same thing if they wanted to get out. They screamed and screamed, but the hole never opened. Back on earth Buu turned everyone at Kamisama's into chocolate then ate them. Back in the room of spirit & time Gotenks told Piccolo that he still had one thing he could use. The Gotenks turned SSJ3. They screamed again and this time a portal opened up. They where back on earth. Gotenks fought Buu for a while, but then un-fused, their time was up. This whole time that everyone thought Gohan was dead, he really wasn't. He was brought to Planet Kaioshin along with Kaioshin and Kibit, Goku was even there since the dead where allowed to be on that plain. Gohan was getting a power up by an old Kaioshin (Who happened to be a perverted Kaioshin). Gohan was brought to earth and he started fighting Buu. He was wining for a while, but then Goten and Trunks fused again. Then Buu used some of his body that was ripped off during the fight to absorb Piccolo and Gotenks! He was A LOT stronger now. Back on Kaioshin the old Kaioshin told Goku that he needed to help. Goku asked how and the old Kaioshin told Goku that he would give Goku his own life, then Goku would no longer be dead. He told Goku that he should use the fusion, but to use the Potara fusion. He went to show Goku how it works. He told Kibit to give Kaioshin (The young one) his earring. He told Kaioshin to put that earring on. As soon as he did their bodies flew together into one. They fused! Then the old Kaioshin mentioned that that fusion is permanent. Then he gave Goku his live and a pair of Potara earrings. Goku teleported back to Earth. He saw Gohan getting his ass whooped. He threw Gohan the earring, but it fell in a crack in the ground. Goku recovered it but it was too late, Buu had absorbed Gohan. At this time Vegeta was given permission to leave hell to fight. He got to earth and put the earring on. He and Goku fused into Vegetto. Vegetto kicked Buu's ass. Buu absorbed Vegetto and Vegetto un-fused in Buu. Inside Buu Vegeta and Goku fought Buu's body. Then they saw Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo and Fat Buu. Then Vegeta and Goku got them all (Except for fat Buu). Then Vegeta asked Buu what would happen if he pulled Fat Buu out of his stomach. Buu started screaming, "NO!! DON'T!!". So Vegeta (seeing that Buu didn't want that) pulled Fat Buu out. Then Buu's body became hot, Vegeta and Goku escaped with Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo. Then when they where out of his body they saw that Buu became smaller, he almost looked like a kid. Then Buu built a HUGE deathball and threw it at the earth. Goku saw Mr. Satan and Dende watching behind some rocks. Goku saved them and Kaioshin teleported to earth and too Goku, Vegeta, Mr. Satan (and his puppy), and Dende to Planet Kaioshin. Goten, Trunks, piccolo and the whole planet where gone. Buu was in space looking for Planet Kaioshin. When he found it Kaioshin had taken Dende to Planet Namek to wish back, Earth and the people who died. Goku and Buu where fighting, Vegeta was too weak to really hurt Buu. He just watched. But then Fat Buu came in and started fighting Majin Buu (The Chibi-Buu)! Then Goku started building a Chaou Genkidama. He started collecting Ki from every person in the universe. But the people of earth didn't believe him so they would not raise their hands to lend Goku their ki. Vegeta tried to talk to them, but they hated him. Then their hero, Mr. Satan told them to so they did. Then Goku threw the Chaou Genkidama at Buu, killing him for good. That's when Goku said that he wishes that Buu would be reincarnated into someone with a pure heart so they could spar, not try to kill each other. This is about the end of the series, the last episodes where at a Tenkaichi Budoukai a few years in the future. Goten was now a teen and so was Trunks. Gohan and his High School love got married and had a baby girl named Pan. Then you learn that Goku made a deal with Emma and had Buu Reincarnated to a young boy named Uub (Uub is Buu backwards, hence Uub). Goku and Uub flew off to train for 5 years, and that is the beginning of Dragonball GT.


DragonBall GT

The Search for the Ultimate Dragonballs:

Our story begins 10 years after the end of Dragonball Z. Goku and Ubuu, who is now quite strong, are battling in a special room of heaven. After a long battle, Goku, who has somehow gained the right to return to life, emerges victorious after nearly killing Ubuu. Goku, after working up quite an appetite during his spar with Ubuu, downs every last bit of the meal prepared for him by Mr.Popo. Not quite satisfied, Goku begins wandering around Heaven, taking in the scenery.

Meanwhile, Lord Pilaf, Shuu, Mai (remember them from Dragonball?) have summoned The Ultimate Shenlon using the Ultimate Dragonballs, which were created by Piccolo before he split into Kami and Piccolo Diamo. Just as Pilaf is about to make his wish for world domination Goku arrives. Pilaf, who is VERY pissed that Goku has once again foiled his plans, fires a pair of missiles at Goku. After Goku easily stops the missiles, Pilaf exclaims "Damn it, I wish you were just a kid again so I could kick your ass." Taking this as Pilaf's wish, Shenlon answers "So be it" and Goku is transformed into a child. The Dragonballs rise up into the air, and are scattered throughout space. Kaio-sama then informs Goku that the wish can be reversed if he can gather all seven balls. Goku, after commenting this was no problem, attempts to teleport through space to collect the Dragonballs. He is astonished to learn that he has lost the ability to perform all special techniques, save those he knew as a child.

After meeting up with Kame-senin, who makes it his business to bump into every fine woman in site, and his granddaughter Pan, who demonstrates her strength by kicking some bank robbers' asses, Goku returns home. Up on arrival, Chi-Chi is distraught that Goku is now so much younger than she is (she thinks it's some sort of conspiracy against her). It's at this point that Kaio-sama interrupts Goku and friends with some alarming news. Apparently, Kaio-sama had forgotten to inform Goku that the Ultimate Dragonballs had put a great deal of strain on the Earth. If the balls are not returned to Earth within one year, Earth will be destroyed.

At this point, it is decided to launch a mission into space in an effort to collect the Dragonballs. Hearing this, Vegeta knows of two saiyajins who have been slacking off as of late. He collects Trunks and Goten and informs them both they will be going with Goku to collect the Dragonballs. However, as Goten delays the launch by talking to one of his girlfriends, Pan sneaks on board and accidentally launches the spaceship. And so begins the search for the seven Ultimate Dragonballs.

More to come!