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Welcome to my DB site.

-------------DEC. 14--------------------
I do not put something new on every day but today I would like to thank ADAM KAHN since he has gotten me lots of hits on and he did not have to do that so THANK YOU ADAM.

------------------DEC. 8----------------------

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-----------------------DEC. 7----------------------
This site is brand new and i do not have that many hits a day so can you please tell your friends and anyone that likes DBZ and i will give you credit on the site just email me at and i will give you credit. Thanks a lot

On this site I will put everything you need to know about DragonBall DragonBall Z and GT.

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planet namek best DBZ site other then mine.

blackgoku another great DBZ web site

Old TV set; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Goku son


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